Why Don't You Use Social Media Platforms for Spreading Social Good?

On the eve of every New Year, you make resolutions about losing weight, breaking bad habits, and doing more good in your community. Is that in any way related to social media?

There is no doubt that social media has the power to make the world a better place — and many others like you believe that too. Do you know 98% of nonprofit organizations have a Facebook account, while 72% have established themselves on Twitter? It doesn't matter what you do - you may be a nonprofit or a regular profit-making organization, you can easily leverage social media for awareness of your cause, engagement, community growth, and fundraising.


I have made a list of twelve things you can do for spreading social good.


1)  Use social networks to develop contacts within similar organizations in order to spread awareness and pass on helpful information


If you already possess facts, data, research, and institutional knowledge, make sure you provide this knowledge through content to share.


2) Let your passion for your cause come out in open and bring those stories that touch the heartstrings


Use whatever means you have - images, videos, and a narrative to tell the human stories that inspire and motivate others.


3) Use your social media channels


Make full use of your Indian social media channels and global social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Connected India, helo, and LinkedIn to cultivate new relationships and strengthen the existing ones.


4) Give updates about your upcoming programs


It is very important to let your audiences know about your upcoming programs, objectives, and events to show donors how their funds are used.


5) Sync your social media influence with your events and promotions


Once you’ve decided on your campaign and call to action, make it convenient for people to donate. Get the important details such as name, address, contact number, email, and payment info and encourage them to be on their way.


6) Get connected to social media influencers


Social media influencers are crucial for spreading your message and get a supportive voice. Hire them and collaborate successfully to reach more audiences.


7) Spread positive messages to create interest 


Sharing your positive experiences and messages of helping people will encourage others. 


8) Be thankful to your community


Always thank your community for donations, a recommendation, or a comment on your blog. Such kind gestures play an important role in developing a fruitful relationship.


9) Analyse your social media data to find ideas that benefit your community


Data is crucial for making strategies for the larger social good. Use them to identify areas that need help, and find ways to get involved.


10) Promote your events


Attract a larger audience by sharing your messages on social networking sites. The focus of your messages should be on others rather than on yourself. Take initiative to retweet other people's posts, share relevant web content to your industry, and post kind words and queries.


11) Use social media channels to understand the language of your audience


Once you become aware of their language, use that to design the content and messaging you use to communicate.


12) Leverage social media to know more about your audience 


There are data such as market demographics, relevant conversations, how they spend time on different social media channels. Use them often to understand more about your audiences.