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SEO For Beginners

SEO For Beginners, By using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can easily increase the amount of organic traffic to your website. Many small, mid, and large businesses have successfully used SEO to generate more leads, more customers without spending on paid advertising.

As a beginner in the digital world, you do not have any idea about  SEO. After reading this article, you’ll get everything about SEO.

What we learn?

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Why is keyword research the most important part of SEO?
  3. How to optimize your website and blog?
  4. Why is high-quality content important?
  5. How and which SEO tools can help you to build an effective SEO strategy.

What is SEO and Is It Important? SEO For Beginners!

SEO stands for search engine optimization, but what does SEO really mean?

We describe all the information about SEO below and you get all points clear by reading the paragraph below.

search engine optimization

First, If you have a website and you want to make it successful then you need organic traffic.

With the help of Search Engines like Google, Bing you can bring organic traffic to your website. If anyone is searching any query online, then He/She search keywords related to their query in the search engine, and the result display is called SERP (Search Engine Results Page). In SERP you look at all website lists related to your Query.


You analyze the SERP and click on those websites which look more relevant to your query.   

Every search engine has an algorithm and every result displayed in SERP is decided by the search engine algorithm.   Search Engine Algorithms make this decision by a number of steps so that users get more relevant results related to their query. 

Role of SEO

The role of SEO is to optimize a website according to search engine algorithms so the links of your website appear at the top in SERP.

If you want more traffic to your website so you have to optimize your website very deeply to rank at the top in search engines.

SEO plays a very important role to rank your website. Nowadays companies pay good amounts to Optimize their websites. 

Keyword Research

Keyword Research - Why Keyword Research is a very important part of SEO?

Keyword Research is a very important part of SEO. Without Keyword research your SEO effort is a waste of time and with them, you get wings to fly. 

What makes keywords Research so major for SEO?

If you want to rank your website at the top in search engine results at particular queries. There are many keywords which users use to search their queries and that keyword is very important to your websites. 

For Example, SEO For Fly is an SEO service provider so the important keywords for our website is.

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right keywords


How to Find the Perfect  Keywords for Your Website

To find the right keywords for your website is not much of an easy task, but here you get some useful tips that help you to research good keywords. 

 Look for niche-related keywords: If you are selling T-shirts then you have made a list of keywords related to T-shirts like “Best T-shirt” and use it in your website which increases your SEO score.

Always use long-tail keywords:  Examples of short and long-tail keywords are “Best T-shirt” and “Best T-shirts for birthdays party”. There is a huge benefit of long-tail keywords. It is very easy to rank on it because it has low competition. 

Use Google Search suggestion keywords: Research those keywords on which you want to rank for Google search and scroll down at the bottom you find there is a list of long-tail keywords you can use that keyword because these keywords have low competition.


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